Original Wholesome One-Man Comedy Variety Show

...an instant hit at senior centers, festivals, assisted living facilities, corporate events and adult day centers.

This fantastic new comedy show for adults combines nostalgic and original funny songs, robots, magic, juggling, audience participation, whoopee cushion percussion, and a lovable performing dog named Reggie - who steals every show and the audience members’ hearts. Your seniors will love it...

Original Wholesome One-Man Comedy Variety Show

John Hadfield hits the bullseye with this outrageous musical comedy / variety show aimed at seniors. The presentation features original funny songs, plate spinning, amazing magic, comedy, vaudeville style juggling, audience participation, whoopee cushion percussion, a heckling robot bird and a lovable (real) piano playing dog named Reggie who steals every show as well as the audience members’ hearts. The show is an instant hit at senior centers, festivals, assisted living facilities, corporate events and adult day centers.Original Wholesome One-Man Comedy Variety Show

John is an award winning singer songwriter, a professional dog trainer and a former circus performer. He has a degree in Russian language from the University of Delaware and did his post graduate work at the Ringling Bros. Clown College and the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior. He has performed all over the world - from Magic Land in Bangkok, Thailand to The China International Children’s Festival to Disneyland in California. His circus credits include the Royal Lichtenstein Circus, Circus Fantasy and the Ringling Bros. Thrill Circus.

John began performing this variety show for seniors after his mother took a fall and was starting to need more care. Working with her, he started to realize how important humor and laughter is for the older generation, how it improves focus and motivation. When the seniors are actually involved as active participants, it makes them feel young and smart and funny again - if even just for an hour. Whether they are dressed as Doris Day singing a duet with John, helping out with plate spinning or the magic act, involved in his Famous People game show or just heckling from the back row, they have the opportunity to think fast and be funny and share this unique crazy experience with their friends and co-residents.

Reggie the Dog in Original Wholesome One-Man Comedy Variety ShowReggie the dog adds a fantastic sweet layer to the show. Reggie completed the Karen Pryor Academy’s Professional Dog Trainer’s course as John’s partner, and is his demo dog for his weekly Dog Tricks class at The Academy of Dog Training and Agility. As the world’s only performing Akita, his skills are out of this world - but his personality wins over the audience immediately. When Reggie is introduced and walks out slowly to the performing area (and stretches), John announces how excited Reggie is to be here - and Reggie gives a BIG yawn and looks at the audience like “Where am I and how did you people get into my bedroom?” the seniors totally crack up. With slow goofy music playing behind him, he seemingly performs his tricks reluctantly - much to the audience’s delight. He plays the piano, finds John’s keys, turns the lamp on and off after John claps his hands twice (clap on… clap off…), does a great trick recycling a plastic bottle, and is working on an incredible magic trick where he actually reads the mind of an audience member. After each trick, the audiences LOVE to shout “GOOD BOY, REGGIE!” and they absolutely love getting the chance to meet him after the program ends.

Audience at Original Wholesome One-Man Comedy Variety Show

John Hadfield’s Original Wholesome One-Man Comedy Variety Show is a labor of love, and the rewards of performing for the older adults far outweigh the paycheck - and for this reason, he keeps pricing reasonable. Sometimes audiences are loud and funny, and sometimes they are mostly asleep and staring at the floor. But after the show, when John and Reggie go around and thank everyone, the comments, the stories and the excitement in the seniors’ eyes take them back to the days when life was different, and every day was an adventure. It’s a pleasure to bring this adventure to you.

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“A clever, quick-witted , quirky comic genius - Hadfield is a true original.”

Randy Marcheski - activities director, Harlee Manor

“Thanks so much for a wonderful show. our members enjoyed it so much and said they never laughed so hard.”

Tana Gazzillo - program coordinator, Phoenixville Senior Center

“I personally found your performance delightfully entertaining, and our residents accepted you and your show as ‘the best of the best.’”

Bill Long - Activities Director, Brightview Senior Living

“I schedule singers, dancers, comedians, magicians at four different locations every week, and John’s variety show is the #1 favorite show at ALL of the senior centers. Reggie (the dog) is the best part of this incredible show. To watch him perform is so joyful that everyone in the audience is left with a heartfelt smile. It’s hard to describe how this large and powerful dog is angelic in helping seniors physically, mentally and emotionally. Long after John and Reggie leave, the seniors are still saying, “Good boy, Reggie.”

Debra Ross - Program Coordinator, Golden Slipper Centers for Seniors

“Thanks for a great event and for being such a wonderful showman. Your interaction with the members made this show a great fit with the audience. The two best questions I’ve heard have been, ‘When is he coming back?’ and ‘Where did he find that suit?’”

Robyn Fisher - Director, Rosedale Senior Center

“The seniors LOVED the show!”

Joanne Murphy - Assistant Director, Lewes Senior Center

John and Reggie - "Thank you both so much for a wonderful performance at Churchman Village. Everyone LOVED the show and you two were the talk of the town!”

Shelly Funk and The Village People - Churchman Village

John and Reggie - "John - What an awesome show you gave to the Village last night! I’ve been Augsburg’s activity director for going on 8 years, and I’ve never heard or seen so much laughter, fun, and participation from the Village residents like we had last night. There were so many phone calls and voicemails, as well as residents stopping by my office to tell me how wonderful the show was and how much they enjoyed your charm, your humor, and kindness toward them - and of course they absolutely loved the show stealer, Lovable Reggie.”

Robin Stanfield - Activities Director - Augsburg Village