Monkeys in the House

...Ideal for a Family Night or library program!

Ideal for a Family Night or library program, this wacky and innovative program combines original funny songs, wise cracking robots, magic, juggling and comedy surprises. Available with or without Reggie the piano playing mind-reading dog...

Monkeys in the House

With outrageous comedy, original funny songs, amazing magic, cool juggling tricks, robots and a piano playing mind-reading dog, Monkeys in the House is the perfect show for kids and families. Award winning singer songwriter and former circus performer John Hadfield sings the blues with his favorite toaster, spins plates, matches wits with his robot bird Nelson, sings a duet with his imaginary friend Tippytoes (who magically comes to life), tosses hats, sits on whoopee cushions, and tries to motivate Reggie - the world’s funniest and most talented dog.

Monkeys in the House

This delightfully wacky program will thrill audiences at school assemblies, library events, festivals, day care centers, corporate family functions, picnics, and any other event that needs a dash of fun and absurdity. A scaled down version of this show is also available for birthday parties!

Monkeys in the House

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"If I were a kid, John Hadfield would be someone I would camp out overnight to buy tickets for." 

Eric Herman - Award Winning Children's Musician

“It's amazing how such a seemingly mild-mannered outside can mask the simmering inside of craziness that is John Hadfield.  It's just when you listen to songs like Duct Tape Festival and Robot Monkey Head that you realize he speaks the international kid language of ‘goofy’."

Kathy O'Connell - Host/Producer of Kids Corner, WXPN

“Move over Beautiful Girls, the new hot summer song is Robot Monkey Head. So what if John Hadfield’s tune is a kid-friendly homage to Devo’s Whip It? It’s hard to resist a song about a screeching robot monkey head.”

The New York Post HOT LIST

“You should write a musical – the costumes would be insane.”

David Sedaris - NPR humorist and best selling author

“I’d like to spend an afternoon in John’s brain.”

Steve Marshall - Rubber Chicken Radio, Tokyo Japan

"A ‘Weird Al For Kids’."

Phil Corless - Children’s Music Critic

“The I Like Beans song had us laughing so hard we couldn’t even talk.”

Shelly Kutch - 7th grade science specialist and mom

“My daughter, a few of my friends and I attended your show on Main Street last Thursday. We agreed your Monkeys in the House show is worthy of a TV special.”

Julie Lintner