Science is Everywhere

... "perfect elementary school assembly program, and is also a family friendly library favorite"

Science is Everywhere is the perfect elementary school assembly program. Both entertaining and educational, this outstanding presentation reinforces the idea that science is fun and all around us.

Science is Everywhere!

Electricity, gravity, astronomy, and famous inventions have never been more exciting and interesting to young students as John Hadfield raps, explains and throws himself around the stage in Science is Everywhere! Hats float in the air, Rice Krispies fly, a student’s hair stands up and a teacher’s head disappears as John proves beyond a doubt that science is all around us and is present in everything we see and do. Using music, illusion, balancing and juggling, this award winning singer-songwriter and former circus performer strikes gold with a program that teaches and inspires.

Science is Everywhere!

Science is Everywhere! is the perfect elementary school assembly program, and is also a family friendly library favorite. It has been featured at  The Franklin Institute, The Grand Opera House, The National Theater, The Colonial Theater, The Philadelphia International Children’s Festival, and hundreds of schools, libraries, camps and festivals throughout the United States. 

Science is Everywhere!

What the critics are saying...

  • Plate Juggling during the Science is Everywhere Show"If you can imagine John Tesh and Bill Nye the Science Guy having a child and sending him to Clown College, you would have a pretty good idea what the students at Chadds Ford Elementary School were treated to Nov. 9th."
    • The Kennett Paper Kennett Square, PA
  • "Indeed, in his whirlwind 45-minute show, Hadfield covered lightning, gravity, safety glass and brain surgery, all the while juggling, joking, singing, break dancing, playing the guitar and controlling a high-tech sound system with switches hidden in various placed in his clothing."
    • The Patriot News Harrisburg, PA
  • "Hadfield's starting his third decade of wacko but dead-serious clowning for school kids.  His current solo act, called 'The Science Show,' is designed to make science irresistible to youngsters, and by all accounts, it does."
    • The Washington Post
  • "Whether it was a catchy sing-along about the brain, generating static electricity to send rice cereal flying out of a hand, or making a woman's head disappear, Hadfield was able to keep everyone's attention while they were learning as well."
    • Daily Local News Chester County PA
  • "According to Sir Isaac Newton, everything that goes up must come down.  Unless, of course, it's an apple in John Hadfield's Science Show for kids."
    • University of Delaware Messenger

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  • "As he tried to keep his hat from 'floating' away, Hadfield discussed gravity, the moon's pull creating the earth's tides, and astronauts growing about two inches taller in the weightlessness of space."
    • The Daily Times Delaware County, PA
  • "John makes the material understandable even to the little kids, but condescends to no one; a few jokes are designed to go over the children's heads but serve to keep the teachers on their toes.  This, in turn, makes the kids pay even closer attention."
    • Circus Report
  • "His one-man show has spawned a thirst for learning in kids in kindergarten through 6th grade.  It's an entertaining and enlightening introduction to a number of scientific principles and inventors."
    • The News Journal Wilmington, DE

Science is Everywhere!

Rave Reviews

“I loved this science show! It was one of the best we have ever had (and I’ve been at Forestville for 26 years).”

Carole Moore - teacher Forestville Elementary School

“What a terrific science show! Our capacity audience of approximately 200 children was thoroughly informed as well as entertained by the selection of scientific material and the humorous way in which you presented it. As one young spectator commented, “He’s cool.”

Virginia Christian - Children’s Librarian The Pottstown Public Library

“Where did you get the electric ball? I would like to have one so I can shock my sister. You showed me that science is really fun.”

Reggie Q. - 3rd grader Lake Forest Elementary School

“For us adults, it was a real treat to see science combined with the circus arts. Now when students study gravity and friction in their science classes, they’ll have memories of the floating hat and the Rice Krispies that really pop up!!. Not to mention all the other aspects of science your show demonstrated.”

Lana Dreyfuss - Cultural Arts Chairman Oakland Terrace Elementary School PTA Silver Spring, MD

“I think your program is very good. I was not really into science, but I like science a lot more now!! I hope you go to many other schools because it is a really great program. My teacher liked it a lot too because she teaches two science classes.”

Heather B. - 4th grader Townsend Elementary School

“When I use the words electrifying, entertaining, exciting and educational, I mean just that. He makes learning fun. the toughest concepts become simple as you listen to John explain them.”

Lottie Washington - Principal East Lansdowne School Lansdowne, PA